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Picture of the super moon!

Picture of the super moon!


-1,289 bro’s… thank you (T w T)


Hey, all! This may come as a little bit of a surprise, since I hadn’t speculated aloud about it at all, but since I’m on the cusp of reaching 2,000 followers and wanna push myself there, plus today is basically my last day of true freedom for the rest of the year (darn it), I thought I’d hustle and get something up to celebrate before it’s too late. Without further ado, I’m launching my first Tumblr Awards.

How To Enter:

  • You must be FOLLOWING ME (thesoulofadragon).
  • You must REBLOG THIS POST. Multiple reblogs don’t count,  but you can reblog it more than once if you want to help promote me. ;]
  • You must have at least one of my favourite animated movies as one of your main fandoms (Rise of the Guardians, How to Train Your Dragon, The Croods, Frozen, Tangled, Brave, RotBTD overall).
  • This needs to get over 100 notes! Reached in 12 hours, ilu guys
  • If you have 1 or more sideblogs that qualify, you can enter with those! Make sure to reblog for each one, and SEND ME A MESSAGE telling me your main blog’s url!
  • If you want to be eligible for a certain category, e.g. art, fanfic or gif-making, I need to be able to find your creations easily - i.e. they should be linked somewhere on your main page or in a tags page.
  • Deadline for reblogs is the end of JULY 18th. The winners will be announced whenever I can find the time to go through everyone with utmost care. I don’t intend to be biased. <3


  • CHIEFTAIN HICCUP AWARD: Best DreamWorks-Centric Blog
  • QUEEN ELSA AWARD: Best Disney-Centric Blog (this includes Pixar because I’m lazy)
  • RAPUNZEL AWARD: Best Artist (Traditional / 3D / Digital Art - any fandom)
  • KRISTOFF AWARD: Best GIF-Maker (any fandom)
  • VALKA AWARD: Best Fanfic/Drabble writer (any fandom)
  • MERIDA AWARD: Best Contributor (any fandom - for whoever can’t/doesn’t make gifs/art/fanfic regularly or at all)
  • ASTRID AWARD: Best Roleplayer (any fandom)
  • ERET AWARD: Best Rising / Newbie Blogger
  • PITCH BLACK AWARD: Best Veteran Blogger
  • ANNA AWARD: Best Overall / In Max No. of Categories
  • JACK FROST AWARD: My favourite special snowflake ♥

Winnings, You Ask?

  • There will be a main winner for each category, and also one or two runners-up if there is anyone suitable (which I’m sure there will be!)
  • Main winners get to request of me a gifset of any size, a set of edits of any size, or a fic/drabble > 1000 words (I only write for RotG/HTTYD/Frozen)
  • Runners-up get to request a max of 2 gifs, a max of 2 edits, or a fic/drabble < 750 words (I only write for RotG/HTTYD/Frozen)
  • Special snowflake gets whatever the heck they want, whenever the heck they want. (You all do anyway, you know that. But I’m offering up my most elusive skill for that if the winner is interested - transcribing music for piano. Mainly for the HTTYD and RotG scores, I’m thinking. Otherwise, gifsets and writing away~)
  • Every winner + runner up gets featured on my blog
  • Every winner + runner up gets a follow back from me
  • Every winner + runner up gets free promos and moral support from me whenever you want, as many times as you want
  • Friendship, love and hugs. I give these out anyway, but you’ll get extra. ;]

That’s all, folks! Keep being awesome!

Edit: Updated 12 hours after original posting.

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